Sleeves - Shrug - Topper STRETCH BLACK LACE

Sleeves - Shrug - Topper STRETCH BLACK LACE



This lovely design has such flexibility!

·       Make your arms look slimmer and help hold in a little of the jiggle!

·       Can act as a shrug and just keep you warm if the weather turns a little cool, when you are wearing your sleeveless dress or blouse.

·       Can be worn under or over your short sleeve or sleeveless top and extend the wear of summer clothes a bit into the next season.

·       A good idea to start your workout with these on top of your technical tank, as you warm up, just pull off this extra layer.

·       An extra layer when skiing without also adding to the layers on your torso.

·       I have worn them as a soft belt they wrap around anyone and when I did need them I just pulled the knot loose and donned them to warm me up.

·       Wear with or without using the thumb opening, a little scrunch up the arm looks cozy.

·       All in fine fabrics, Telio, Gordon and others. 

·       All made in the USA at small factories located in Dallas and Austin.

·       Differences in color can be accounted for in different lighting such a natural light versus incandescent and other lighting sources.

·       **All the items will be shipped padded and protected ... there will be pressure on the item and might need a little medium iron/steamed upon receipt to fully appreciate it.

Knit or Lace they are fun to wear and add that little bit of arm cover.  Flexible, useful and fun to wear! Take note the lace runs to the small sizes.

My model has a sense of humor and kept trying on my hats, props and masks… I had to photographer her in them… funny Angelica!

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