KIMONO DRAPE SHRUG - Now fully stocked! Black and Blue and White print!

KIMONO DRAPE SHRUG - Now fully stocked! Black and Blue and White print!


Kimono Drape Shrug -

This shrug design is loose and comfortable, will go over almost any outfit. 

  • All in fine fabrics, Telio, Gordon and others. 

  • Can be draped across your front and use a fancy pin to keep it there, covers extra lumps and bits…

  • Can work like most shrugs do and just keep you a little warmer if the weather turns cooler.

  • The front drape hangs down on both sides in a lovely drape!

  • The drapes can be tied in a loose knot.

  • This shrug can take the place of a blazer and pull together an outfit just a bit more.

  • Can be worn over your short sleeve or sleeveless top and extend the wear of summer clothes a bit into the next season.

  • Cover your arms, if you have this insecurity and many of us do, just cover those bat wings for now. (I know we are all working on that!)

  • All made in the USA at small factories located in Dallas and Austin.

  • Differences in color can be accounted for in different lighting such a natural light versus incandescent and other lighting sources.

  • **All the items will be shipped padded and protected ... there will be pressure on the item and might need a little medium iron/steamed upon receipt to fully appreciate it.

  • See listing here for pin

Rayon - fun to wear and add that little bit of arm cover.  Flexible, useful and fun to wear!

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