Pin for Kimono Shrug - Accessory for lapel or Shrug - Hold it together.

Pin for Kimono Shrug - Accessory for lapel or Shrug - Hold it together.


Those Kimono Shrugs can be worn pinned up… Here are a few pins to accomplish that very thing. Hand made in the USA by my own two hands.

  • No one is the same as the next - One of a kind!

  • hat pin, lapel pin, pin it up!

  • Made from items found at estate sales and tag sales.

  • Recycled treasures!

  • #1 is a set with three charms on a pin with turquoise beads and Asian flair. 2” wide.

The turquoise colors and bronze/brass metal makes this look especially precious.

  • #2 is a set of three charms on a pin with turquoise, Buda head and a chain tassel. 2” wide.

The turquoise badge bangle, brass metal and tassel - added fun!

  • #3 is a large disc of mother of pearl and a pendant of agate on a string of freshwater pearls.2 ¾” X 3 ¾”.

This impressive piece of shell in the center of these silver colored metal is impressive on it’s own, however it also has a beautiful pendant of freshwater pearls and an agate below which makes it feel as thought it should be part of a costume from a throne room somewhere in a fantasy land.

  • #4 is a sparkling brass and rhinestone filigree disc 1 1/2” wide.

Sparkly light and brilliant.

  • #5 is a gold glass disc bead with a smaller bead imbedded in the middle, 1 3/4” wide.

Extra colors swirled into the glass makes it look like a piece of modern art.

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Differences in color can be accounted for in different lighting such a natural light versus incandescent and other lighting sources.

**All the items will be shipped padded and protected.
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